Treat yourself to a world of sweet indulgence at Armon’s Catering. Dive into our selection of delectable dessert trays, adorned with cheesecakes, tarts, éclairs, and more. Satisfy your cravings with our gourmet cakes, assorted cupcakes, and freshly baked homemade cookies.

 Petite Dessert Tray…$25/small (serves 15-20), $55/large (serves 25-35)

Cheesecakes, cream puffs, assorted tarts, éclairs, dessert bars


Gourmet Dessert Tray…$55/small (serves 10), $80/large (serves 15)

Chocolate cake, carrot cake, tiramisu


Assorted Cupcake Tray…$60/20

Assorted seasonal cupcakes


Homemade Cookies…$1.00 each