Deluxe Continental Breakfast…$5.95*

Assorted breakfast pastries (bagels, muffins, danishes), cream cheese, assorted juices, yogurt, granola bars, and a fresh fruit platter

Hot Breakfast Sandwiches…$6.95

English muffins with eggs, bacon, and cheese; croissants with eggs, canadian bacon, and cheese; bagels with eggs, sausage, and cheese; or English muffins with eggs, turkey sausage, and cheese (choice of two). Served with breakfast potatoes, a fresh fruit platter, assorted juices, and yogurt (Choice of 3 for $7.95)

All American…$7.95

Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, turkey sausage, or ham (choice of two), breakfast potatoes, toast with jelly, fresh fruit platter, assorted juices and yogurt


Breakfast a la Carte

Coffee $15/carafe

Lox Platter $25/tray

Pancakes $20/12, $40/24

Bacon $25/24

Quiche (Lorraine or Veggie) $3

Hard Boiled Eggs $10/dozen

Assorted Granola Bars $12/dozen

French Toast $20/12, $40/24

Sausage (Regular or Turkey) $25/20

Omelets $25/10